Now, just because we have already discussed this does not mean we cannot do it any more. We can goof around sometimes, however, we still have rules.

1. Do not spam or vandalize. Go on our silly wikis for that.

2. Do not edit pages unless you are a admin. This wiki is based off of a game in the programming website, Scratch. Unless you contributed to that game, you cannot be a admin, nor edit the pages. The only time you can do so is if there is a grammar mistake.

3. Do not be rude or abusive. We do not want to make people sad or angry, so do not do so.

4. Do not be sexual or online date. Online dating is against the rules. We do not date here.

5. Do not change the pages to Undertale related stuff. This is not a Undertale wiki, this is a fan game based of the game. If you want to do so, go on the Undertale Wikia.

We have punishments, as well.